About Erato

ERATO is the Greek non-profit organization for the collective management of singers’ neighbouring rights. The organization is licensed by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports and supervised by the Hellenic Copyright Organization.

ERATO manages the right to an equitable remuneration for the public performance, radio/TV broadcast and private copying of recorded works.
Our organization was founded in 1997 and since then operates according to the Greek Law 2121/1993 on copyright and the international legislation.

ERATO has more than 1.000 direct members. Moreover, we receive and distribute royalties to many more performers-singers internationally, through reciprocal representation agreements which we have concluded with performers’ organizations abroad.

In 2011, together with the musicians’ and producers’ organizations, we formed the Greek non-profit music licensing organization, GEA. This has strengthened our presence in the field of performers’ rights management, by enabling us to support the legislative framework for neighbouring rights in Greece, conclude agreements with the users and raise social awareness for performers’ rights, more actively and more efficiently.